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Islamic republic of Iran railway
- The national network includes 200 sites, 14 ninety and about 4000 terminals to cover 6,000 km of railways of the Islamic Republic of Iran.
- Installation and installation of the national radio network of the Islamic Republic of Iran.
- Installation and installation of the Islamic Republic of Iran Railways radio network along Bafq Mashhad.

Islamic Republic of Iran Airlines
- MPT Trunk radio network of Mehrabad and Imam Khomeini airports, including 24 channels and 3000 terminals
- Repair and maintenance of radio terminal equipment in the 5th District of the Civil Aviation Organization (CAO) of Islamic Republic of Iran.

Regional Electric Company of Tehran, Alborz and Qom
- MPT Trunk system with 3 sites in Tehran province, 1 site in Alborz province and 1 site in Qom province and 2,500 terminals
Khuzestan Regional Power Company
- MPT Trunk system with 11 sites and 1100 terminals covering the entire province

National Iranian Gas Company
- MPT Trunk system consists of 2 sites, 5 channels per site, and handheld wireless networks of Sarakhs, Bidabad, Sarkhon, Kangan, Ilam and Pars
- The TRUNK MPT system consists of 6 channels of 24 channels per site and their terminals to cover storage tanks and pipelines in the second area of Mahshahr Bidboland Refinery.

Pars Oil & Gas Company (South Pars)
- The MPT Trunk system consists of 4 sites and handheld wireless devices in phases 1 through 16.

Imam Khomeini Seaport Petrochemical Company
- The MPT Trunk system includes 2 sites and 12 channels per site
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