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Tait's Digital Products

Digital tait products

DMR radios are the new generation of radio and are in fact upgraded MPT radios and naturally have many advantages over their predecessors. Among these benefits are the following:

· Excellent quality of dedicated, group, and public speaking voices in a fleet
· Data transfer capability through IP connectivity, which allows for the support of a wide range of applications
· Implement all communications through IP connectivity, which results in high resiliency and economic savings
· There are ports for connecting a digital network to the PABX networks for teleconferencing
· Supports AVL and APL systems
· Upgrading workforce protection and safety applications
· Ability to work both in analog mode and in digital mode for easy and easy passage from analog to digital.
Intelligent design and built-in redundancy

DMR Tate provides all of the DMR's universal free-standard rates. An experienced team will work with you at all stages to guarantee the transparency of digital sound, the use of the frequency spectrum and the flexibility of an IP-based radio network for efficient voice and data transmission. The possibility of migration and the gradual change of analog systems and the purchase of equipment from different manufacturers ensures savings and flexibility for Tait customers
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